Steelseers are the overall commanders of human battle groups. Although battlefield command is relegated to soldiers, Steelseers direct and control the battle through processing and relaying information from every soldier under their command.

History Edit

Steelseers were first utilized during the War Under One Sun.[1] In the Age of Gold, they are present in all Imperial combat groups.

Life Edit

Like all humans in the empire, Steelseers are implanted with a mnemo-cycle, allowing them to record electrical patterns in their mind. However, unlike soldiers or civilians who have closed circuit cycles, Steelseers receive information pulses every second of every day, from every soldier in their network. This means that a Steelseer is constantly bombarded with information her entire life. Due to the strain it places on their minds, Steelseers rarely outlive thirty years old.

From birth, prospective Steelseers are attuned to the network of a regiment or combat group. Throughout their early years they are cared for and protected, whilst they try to grow accustomed to the information streams. Many do not survive this phase of their life. Once they can cope with the pulses of hundreds, if not thousands of people, they must then confront the horrors of war that comprise much of the information they receive.

In their early teenage year, young Steelseers are finally taken from their sheltered life and assigned to an elder Steelseer. Here they receive personal training on how to process and interpret the information they receive, whilst becoming accustomed to the battlefield and the soldiers they will one day command.

Following the completion of their training and the usual death of their mentor, Steelseers enjoy the prime of their life, acting in full command of their battlegroup. However, as they age, they must eventually take on a young protege to replace them when they die.

Steelseers are nearly always female and usually remain largely unaugmented aside from their mnemo-cycles, since their premature deaths and non-frontline role both make extensive machine enhancements mostly redundant.

Auxpairs Edit

At the top of the Steelseer hierarchy are the Auxpairs, proven and talented Steelseers who survived their battlefield placements. Although potentially short-lived, owing to how far their brain has been corroded, the job of the Aupair is no less important, but significantly less demanding. Instead of commanding hundreds of soldiers, they co-ordinate small groups of Steelseers; the exact number depending on the theatre they are deployed to.

Known Steelseers Edit

References Edit

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