Vital statistics
Age Unknown, at least several centuries
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

She, alternatively known as Her, The Woman or The Golden Woman, appeared during the War Under One Sun to unite the remnants of the Human Empire and lead them to victory during the civil war. Although it is unclear if she is worshipped, she has taken on a god-like image, especially in the eyes of imperial soldiery. After the war on Earth, she is implied to have vanished.

According to her own words, if they are to be trusted, she is humanity's only successfully created artificial intelligence, yet this is disputed, for humanity never managed to successful engineer an artificial soul. She believes her mission to be the achievement of the universe's "birth"; by uniting all life into one consciousness through use of the mnemo-cycle, which she believes, or has been told, will allow the universe to finish its supposed evolution and begin its true life as an fully amalgamated being in a supposed "world beyond".

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