The Human Empire was formed either during or possibly before the Age of Steel. During the Age of Steel, it came to conquer most of the galaxy. However, a civil war culminating in the War Under One Sun brought the empire to its knees.

Following its success in the War Under One Sun under the leadership of an unknown woman, it embarked upon the War for the Lost Ones, in order to reclaim its lost colonies.

History Edit

Age of Steel Edit

Little is known of the Age of Steel, other than it represented the height of humanity's technological advancement. During this period, humanity is said to have conquered the entire galaxy, purging all alien life and seeding both the Inner and Outer Arms with colonies. It is not known if the empire itself presided over these conquests.

However, a civil war erupted, wherein humanity fought itself to near extinction across the entire galaxy. The conflict finally reached Earth, where it culminated in the War Under One Sun. During this war, an unknown woman rose to prominence, leading the empire to victory both through her personal command and the implementation of new ways of war such as the steelseers. Whilst forbidden technology was used during the war, it was eventually outlawed either during or shortly afterwards. Most of the empire's remaining forbidden tech was committed and destroyed at the battle of the Ochre Plains.

An expanded, but unverified account is given by the unknown woman, who states that the civil war did not last for decades or centuries, as is believed by most people, but rather for many millennia. She also implies that the civil war - by extent giving the size of the entire human empire - was fought across the whole universe, rather than just the galaxy. The trustworthiness of her account is debatable.

Age of Gold Edit

The Empire following the War Under One Sun consisted solely of the recently pacified Earth. The unified humans then began the War for the Lost Ones. The Inner Arm of the Galaxy is supposed to have been liberated within only a few centuries of the Age of Gold's beginning, where the Imperial Army fought on worlds such as Uxxyir, Lha, Opposk and Typha. These battles were generally fought against colonists with greater resources and often a technological edge; although not rebel holdouts themselves, they retained much from the previous Age of Steel. The Outer Arm of the Galaxy is, at time of writing, currently being liberated, with battles at Eophos and Verdan. Further away from Earth, these colonies suffered a greater throwback during the Age of Steel and few possess the technology to resist the Empire.

Sources Edit

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  • Tales of the 171st, V (Indirect mention only)

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