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Dies IraeEdit

Dies Irae is collection of science-fiction short stories.

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Dies Irae Timeline
    edited by Aeqqu diff
  • new page Afterwar
    created by Aeqqu
    New page: Afterwar Vital statistics Participants Enki, The Conciousness, Steelborn, various smaller groups (Lacrimosa, Judges of the Equinox,...
  • new page Characters
    created by Aeqqu
    New page: Human Empire Imperial Military 72st Regiment Lady Irrin (deceased) 171st Regiment Lady Illuj - Steelseer (deceased) Lady Nii - Steelseer Lady Kana -...
  • new page Dies Irae Timeline
    created by Aeqqu
    New page: A timeline of the Dies Irae universe. Contents[show] Timeline Edit Age of SteelEdit The Fall War Under One Sun Battle of the Ochre Plains Cathayan...
  • edit War for the Lost Ones
    edited by Aeqqu diff
  • new page Neural Knight
    created by Aeqqu
    New page: Neural Knights were an element of the imperial military during the Age of Steel. Essentially hackers, they digitalized themselves to infiltrate and...
    Added category: Human Empire
  • new page Digital Plane
    created by Aeqqu
    New page: A Digital Plane is an artificial place, digitally created by various means and for various purposes. Digital planes can vary in size, from small...
    Added category: Locations
  • new page Lizardkin
    created by Aeqqu
    New page: Lizardkin is the supposedly informal name for a sentient species of alien still extant in the Age of Gold. They are bipedal reptilians. They are...
    Added category: Species
  • new page She
    created by Aeqqu
    New page: Unknown Vital statistics Position Age Unknown, at least several centuries Status Alive Physical attributes Height Unknown...
    Added category: People
  • edit Human Empire
    edited by Aeqqu diff

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