A timeline of the Dies Irae universe.

Timeline Edit

Note: the timeline written below can be wrong or otherwise inaccurate. Inform for errors or missed important incidents. It is "mostly based on the anime than the visual novel".

The Battle of Berlin (1945)

  • Reinhard Heydrich made an agreement with Mercurius, accepting his fate and forms the LDO with him.
  • The selected members of the Obsidian Round Table eliminates the Soviet invaders but simultaneously obliterated most of their comrade German soldiers.
  • Closing phases of the Battle of Berlin, Reinhard Heydrich, Mercurius and the LDO in general disappeared without a trace.

Waltrud's rebellion (? - 1995)

  • Clashes within the LDO
  • Waltrud presumably died by 1995

Present-day Japan aka Ren's timeline (2006 - present)

  • Ren's brawl with Shirou
  • First wave of LDO began assaulting the city
  • Ren Fujii discovers his powers and potential
  • Marie appeared for Ren for the first time
  • Ren trained his powers with the help of Sakurai and won against LDO member Rot Spinne
  • Shirou returned after long years of disappearance
  • Beginning of the LDO operation to activate the Swastika
  • Violent clashes occurred once again