Waltrud (ベアトリス・ヴァルトルート・フォン・キルヒアイゼン Beatorisu Varutorūto fon Kiruhiaizen) , her former seat is currently presided and represented by her descendant, Kei Sakurai. She was the lover of Kei's older brother Kai, who is the current Sakurai to inhibit the spirit of Tubal Cain. That being said, she lead the tragic rebellion in order to free her comrades particularly Eleonore von Wittenburg which presumably caused her death.

Her Holy Relic was a sword called Thrud Walküre that generates lightning combined with her excellent swordsmanship in her combats, as a result of her long years of training and experience. Thrud Walküre is the sword of Valkyrie Thrud, daughter of Thor and Labor. It is a white saber which had been passed down several lines of German nobility until it came into Waltrud's hands and integrate itself into her soul. It has the ability to turn Waltrud's own blood into lightning which she can infuse into her melee attacks or discharge the electricity for ranged attacks that grievously burns its victims.

Walturd is also one of LDO's fastest member (probably second only to Schreiber). During her years in the LDO, she had been training in an endless cycle of combat, death and reincarnation as one of the Einherjars of Valhalla.