Vital statistics
Participants Enki, The Conciousness, Steelborn, various smaller groups (Lacrimosa, Judges of the Equinox, Pilgrims)
Date Age of Darkness
Location The Galaxy

The Afterwar, also known as the Last War, takes place in the Age of Darkness, following a calamity that ended the Age of Gold and the rise of the renewedGalactic Eclipse.

History Edit

After an unknown crisis ended the Age of Gold and the Human Empire's galactic ambitions, most of humanity devolved into a hive-mind singular conciousness across multiple bodies. Elements of the former Imperial military were spared this fate by their Steelseers, but whilst retaining a vestige of autonomy, their minds are now indistinguishable from machines. Several other elements of humanity - descended notably from Lost Ones without mnemo-cycles and anti-mnemo activists - survived to form their own factions. The Galaxy was reduced from the Inner Arm and Outer Arm to only the Solar System itself.

The war began shortly after the calamity, as a conflict arose between The Conciousness and the Steelborn. However, both sides soon saw that prolonged warfare would only destroy them both. Whilst an uneasy and unspoken truce exists, with both factions contained to their own holdings, skirmishes still erupt occasionally. Other small factions played little part in the wider conflict.

However, the revival of the Enki - ancient warriors previously kept in stasis - meant a new war. Charged with the preservation of a pure humanity, and the preventing of The Conciousness and the Steelborn destroying the Galaxy, the Enki wage a war from the shadows. However, their actual mission, unbeknownst to them, is to help bring about the Galactic Eclipse, wherein all life in the galaxy is exterminated before the last star fades.

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